Adelaide Hills Wedding - CIARAN & DANIELLE

Adelaide Hills Wedding - CIARAN & DANIELLE

The union of an Irish Lad and to an Aussie Lass took place one spring afternoon in the Adelaide Hills.  The iconic Longview Vineyard set the backdrop.

It was 2015 when I first met Ciaran and Danielle at her twin sisters Wedding.  Fast forward to present day where I arrived to start my cover with the girls.  There was much to do, but Danielle was a chilled bride.  Even having an infant to manage, feed and dress amid her own preparations was no hassle.

Outside the lads were busy enjoying the buzz with family and friends who’d travelled from Ireland.  The sun drenched the guests and our Bride didn’t keep them waiting long.  Danielle walked the red carpet and Deacon Andrew Kirkbride officiated their nuptials to an intimate gathering.

With the majority of the Bridal Party siblings, the remaining siblings (& Mother of the Groom) each shared a reading making this a family affair.  Both set of parents then stepped forward in a symbolic gesture to light a candle for the newly united couple.

As the afternoon wore on family photos, then bridal party photos, commenced.  The Esky, that I first laid eyes on at the Ceremony, followed us around. When beer bottles turned into short tumblers of spirits, I would usually have cause for concern.  Yet, I need to remind you that this was an Irish Wedding and a very tame example by Irish Standards.  Having spent a year abroad living in this magnificent country, I was well armed to understand the way that festivities flowed.

Upon entering the Reception, my time was up.  I stuck about to witness some of the hilarity that took place in the photo booth and can only imagine what transpired after I left.  To Ciaran and Danielle… SLAINTE!!