Barossa Wedding - CHRIS & KAITLYN

Barossa Wedding - CHRIS & KAITLYN

The Barossa Wedding of ‘Chris and Kaitlyn’ is the stuff of movie scripts.  Think vintage starlets, spectacular entrances, turquoise water and epic dance moves!!

I began my day with the lads.  They were dressed, super chilled and ready to snap a few frames.

Over at the ladies and I arrived to Kaitlyn’s beaming smile.  The girls from Barossa Style Bar had just finished hair/makeup and gifts were being exchanged.  After hugs, and a few tears, it was time to transform our bride-to-be.  Kaitlyn had enlisted Ali, from Betrothed, to tailor a custom 3/4 length vintage gown.  It was simply divine!  In the company of her Mum and Bridesmaids the bride added all her signature items until finally her look was complete.

I left, bound for the Ceremony, knowing that she was going to knock Chris’s sock off!!  Over at The Farm Function Centre I arrived a little earlier than normal.  The reason for this was that I had not one, but two entrances to capture.  Chris and his Groomsmen weren’t standing up the front waiting.  Instead, they built suspense and carefully chose their moment to fly in via Helicopter.  I recall the various conversations between guests as they joked, and then realised, that this was the Groom.

Chris was closely followed by his bride-to-be, who opted for the automotive approach.  With the turquoise waters of the lake as their backdrop, these two were united in marriage.  Rev Brenton Daulby officiated their service in front of a large gathering of family and friends.  After signing the Register, the couple were showered with rose petals as they moved through the crowd.

Family photos followed and I was then able to sweep the bridal party away to the other side of the lake for photos.  Their bridal party were a fantastic bunch, providing endless entertainment.  So much so that we lost track of time and soon realised we needed to get back.

Craig, from Griffin Alliance, managed the various tunes as the bridal party were announced.  On cue, the feast began and was only interrupted for a handful of speeches.  These were small in number, but great in calibre and sentiment.

With everyone fed and watered, there was only one tradition left… the first dance.  Chris and Kaitlyn had their time in the limelight before being joined by bridal party, family and then it seemed everyone.  From this moment on I witnessed some epic dance moves fuelled by old school anthems and the free flowing scotch.  THE END!