Engagement Session - SHANDELL & MICHAEL

Engagement Session - SHANDELL & MICHAEL

On a scorching Summers night I dragged Shandell and Michael out to a favourite little spot of mine for their Engagement Session.  However, this Engagement Session was different.  Shandell and Michael have actually been married for 8 months!!

They first met 3 years ago surfing at Goolwa.  Michael is Canadian and so there came a point when his Visa expired and forced him back across the Pacific.

For some couples, the prospect of maintaining a long distance relationship can be the deal breaker.  But for Shandell and Michael it has brought them closer together.  In a break against tradition the bride asked the groom to marry her.

They exchanged vows in May, in Canada, during an extremely intimate elopement.  They’ve since started the ‘Spousal Visa’ process and continue to live apart.  This process can take between  11-16 months, so they’re dancing across continents and investing plenty of coin just to live the married life plenty of us take for granted.

Mike’s recent trip back for Christmas presented the perfect opportunity to take some photos.  I’ve had this local private property in mind for some months and it was simply a matter of finding the right subjects and gaining permission.  The golden last light on a searing day, and Kangaroos scattered around us, was just the icing on the cake.