Family Portrait - TEAM AGNEW

Family Portrait - TEAM AGNEW

The first time that I photographed Rohan and Brigid was at their Wedding back in 2015.  They held a Scottish Union up in my neck of the woods, aka the Adelaide Hills.  Young Patrick was also present and easily stole the show from his parents.

On a rainy weekend in late May, I headed to their lovely family home to capture some more memories.  The main difference with this second shoot was the change in attire and a new introduction to the family.  Patrick now had a little brother, Fergus.

The property was an iconic Australian Homestead that has been lovingly renovated.  Given that we were taking the photos at home, the kids were extremely comfortable in their surroundings.  Patrick even took me to meet David and Wayne… their pet chickens.

Rohan and Brigid are such patient and doting parents that it was a joy to spend time with them once again and capture their little family unit.  Patrick was definitely the show pony with a cheeky character to match his vibrant auburn hair.  As a boy mum, I can see the trouble that he and Fergus will find in years to come.

It’s a real testament when my couples return to me for photos after being their Wedding Photographer.  It makes my heart sing that I have been trusted to capture memories not once, but twice, and I really feel a part of the family.