Styled Bridal Shoot - BOWEN ISLAND

Styled Bridal Shoot - BOWEN ISLAND

As a Wedding Photographer the low season is a chance to relax and tidy up after months of capturing couples in love.  It’s also a time to embark upon self-development and personal projects.

With this in mind, I knew that an upcoming trip to Canada was an opportunity I couldn’t waste.  For years I have travelled across the Pacific to see family who live in a spectacular part of the world.  I wanted to take the iconic landscape and marry this with my Wedding Photography (pardon the pun).

My initial idea was for a simple couple shoot, but I wanted to push my creative boundaries further.  Before I knew it, I was organising my first styled shoot 8000 miles away from any possible location scout or dress fitting.  It was a rather crazy concept, but one that had me excited.

I enlisted my family as models and the first task was to seek gowns.  I knew that I wanted Australian Designers to ensure relevance to my audience.  But more importantly, I wanted Australian Designers that are available right here in Adelaide.  Shout out to Laura (The Bride Lab) and Rene (The Vintage Bride) who offer exactly this.

Accessories were another area that I hoped to keep Australian.  However finding the right style and price point drove my business to suppliers from abroad.

The remainder of the shoot was a keyboard effort consisting of countless hours to research a local florist, hairdresser and make up artist.  Even in the final week, I was still stitching all the pieces together including sunset times and tidal movements.

I chose the grandeur of Cape Roger Curtis, on Bowen Island (BC, Canada), as my location.  This place is a postcard photo all by itself!  Throw in a couple of gorgeous brides drenched in golden hour goodness and it was always going to be great… and great it was!!!

From the concept, to the planning and finally the execution.  I dreamt big and made it happen, nurturing more than just my photography skills along the way.  Thanks for taking a peek!